We understand the frustration and expense of an inoperable crane.

The job-site has ground to a halt.  

Oftentimes this could be the worst-case scenario. But we have a solution.

Crane Inspection Program

Using iPads, operators perform quick daily inspections that will alert you instantly of conditions, potential issues, and maintenance needs. The information will inform your every move. Instead of reacting to emergencies you will be actively keeping cranes operating. Instead of being responsible for a dead job-site, you will be the silent hero that kept it moving.


  • Real Time Data: All data lands in your hands as soon as an inspection is complete. You will be the first to know of potential problems.
  • Notifications: Built-in notifications alert you when crane inspections are not performed, growing problems, and maintenance requests.
  • Decrease Down Time: Regular maintenance will extend the life of your equipment and will keep that boom swinging. 
  • Decrease Cost: Proactively tracking equipment conditions will decrease emergency trips to repair broken cranes and increase customer loyalty.

Let's Chat!

We are currently looking for companies to pilot this program. If you are interested in leveraging this technology for your company schedule a time below.