We've all had this happen. A panicked call that the crane is down and job-site has ground to a halt. This is a crane owners worst nightmare but we have a solution.


With this program you will have all of your cranes running at peak efficiency. Using iPads, operators perform quick daily inspections that will alert you instantly of conditions, potential issues, and maintenance needs. The information will inform your every move. Instead of reacting to emergencies you will be actively keeping cranes operating. Instead of being responsible for a dead job-site, you will be the silent hero that kept it moving.


  • Remove the Mystery: As soon as an inspection is completed you will be alerted of any potential problems. And there will no longer be any mystery around how your crane is performing.
  • Easy To Use: Your operators are going to love this app and are going to love using it. They are going to love you for not having to keep up with paper reports any longer. 
  • Decreased Down Time: With regular maintenance you can extend the life of your equipment and keep that boom swinging. Your customer loyalty will never be in question because you have highly maintained and reliable cranes. 

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We are currently looking for companies to pilot this program. If you are interested in leveraging this technology for your company contact us below. 

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